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How SAP's Talent Management Strategy Brings Success to Its HR Clients

Most talent management platforms were designed with the employees of yesterday in mind and fail to acknowledge the paradigm shift brought about by the aging workforce hitting retirement age and the millennial generation, now in their 20s and 30s, filling the gap.

Here’s How Netflix, Barclays and GSK are Breaking Down the Stigma Around Mental Health

Much of the working world hails unhealthy working hours as a sign of dedication. However, since the number of working days lost to stress rose by almost a quarter last year, HR departments across the world have taken heed.

Here’s How IBM is Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Boost Their Human Resources Capabilities

Artificial intelligence in human resources may seem like a contradiction in terms, but IBM is proving that the two can work in tandem, and bringing some exciting new ideas the table.

Lidl’s Learning System Helps Employees Control Their Own Development

Lidl wanted to implement a digital learning development system, which would support its employees in their development, while also allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning.

How The Adecco Group Build Their Index for Global Talent

In the modern HR environment, it can often be difficult to judge from where to source the best talent. Thankfully, The Adecco Group has devised a global index for talent and competitiveness. ?

The World of Work in the 4th Industrial Revolution: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Many companies are left wondering whether humans are losing relevance in the workplace. Do they need to re-strategise to survive the new competitive landscape or should they just wait and watch?

Millennials to Generation Z: How to Attract, Retain and Encourage the New-Age Workforce

Going forward as these digital natives enter the world of business, companies might find themselves at a crossroads, grappling to figure out whether to consider Gen Z as a challenge or as their biggest asset.

Navigating the New Era of HR Diversity

Today, HR professionals have a more strategic role to play in the growing awareness of organisational diversity and inclusiveness.