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Here’s How IBM is Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Boost Their Human Resources Capabilities

While artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, its potential to augment and automate traditionally human led processes poses a very promising prospect for a host of industries, including HR.

Artificial intelligence in human resources may seem like a contradiction in terms, but IBM is proving that the two can work in tandem, and bringing some exciting new ideas the table.


With AI making a name for itself as a new digital colleague for many businesses, the challenge now becomes how to make sure that the existing flesh and blood employees are up to scratch on how to work alongside, maintain, and operate the various systems. According to IBM, this need for retraining and reskilling in the face of AI could become necessary for up to 120 million workers across ten of the world’s largest economies.

It's no secret that technological change is causing unprecedented disruption in the business world,” said IBM in a blog post. “But the question for HR professionals remains: What do you do about it? How can you ensure that your employees stay perennially up-to-speed, so your organization remains competitive?”

IBM’s answer to this is thier range of tools which will not only utilise AI to augment the HR role, but also ensure employees are up to speed with the technology itself.

Watson Recruitment

With Watson Recruitment, HR departments can quickly analyse the company’s entire employment history. That information is then combined with external data sources and used to determine the key attributes desired for an open position. AI can then scan applicants, free from human bias, to find the most appropriate candidates for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Watson Candidate Assistant

To help facilitate the latter part of that process IBM has created the Watson Candidate Assistant. The powerful AI in this product can analyse candidates’ CVs, their qualifications and work experience, and match the right person to the most appropriate role. Again, free from natural human bias.

Watson Career Coach

Once new employees are settled into their role, Watson Career Coach can help them develop their career in the most effective manner possible. This tool uses AI to construct personalised career development plans which considers individual employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and goals, making sure no time or effort is wasted.

“Cultivating a company-wide growth mindset to motivate continuous upskilling takes a village,” said IBM. “This ecosystem connects an employee's experiences with the ways they're motivated, assessed, and rewarded and ties that connection to continual learning. The goal is to empower workers with cognitive capabilities that they can leverage themselves for perpetual skills development.”

IBM AI Skills Academy

While the rise of AI marks many exciting opportunities, it’s equally (if not more) important to make sure staff are all up to speed with its use.

This is where the IBM AI Skills Academy comes in, boasting a suite of learning tools and resources which can empower their employees with everything they require to make the most of AI technology.

Executive strategy workshops help communicate and train leaders on the importance and potential of AI and help them prioritise related projects over other legacy concerns. Consulting services help with staffing and implementation of AI related projects. An AI learning curriculum counts data science, mathematical modelling and data visualisation among its modules and helps organisations bridge AI skills gaps. Finally, an AI “Garage” allows for the development of co-creation spaces to facilitate the tailoring and customisation of bespoke AI solutions.

“The IBM AI Skills Academy is here to help you on your AI adoption journey,” said IBM. “The adoption of AI isn’t as simple as flipping a switch – rather there are many steps in between AI in the headlines and AI in your individual teams. Our new AI Skills Academy consists of four integrated components that guide a client through the process of identifying an AI opportunity, prioritizing AI projects to pursue based on anticipated business value, learning curriculum designed to address AI skills gaps and increase adoption of AI solutions.”

Final Thoughts

AI is indeed an exciting prospect for human resources and it’s great to see a huge brand such as IBM making sure, not only that organisations have access to the very latest developments in the technology but are also fully equipped to bring their staff up to speed on its deployment and potential.

The opportunity presented by AI to the HR role is set to be a hot topic at HR360 European Summit 2019, taking place in June at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront. Please download the agenda today for more information and insights.

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