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How SAP's Talent Management Strategy Brings Success to Its HR Clients

Effective talent management is one of the core tenets of modern business and those companies which have the best facilities in place will almost certainly outperform their less innovative competitors.

An issue many companies run into is that while they may possess the initiative to have implemented talent management platforms, they are often difficult to maintain and can become outdated quickly. After all, the business world moves quickly, and HR managers and staff have most of their working life full of here and now issues to contend with.

Outdated You Say?

Most talent management platforms were designed with the employees of yesterday in mind and fail to acknowledge the paradigm shift brought about by the aging workforce hitting retirement age and the millennial generation, now in their 20s and 30s, filling the gap.

The modern workforce is far more technologically savvy than its predecessor and finds it difficult to engage with HR services (or anything) which does not utilise digital technology to its fullest extent. Getting employees to meaningfully engage in talent management is a huge challenge, so it’s important to listen to what they want.

If you want people to engage with your efforts you need to meet them where they are by using the technologies and platforms they are already on to reach out to them. Trying to encourage people to use unfamiliar touchpoints purely for you is always going to be an uphill struggle, so make life easier for yourself.

Organisations are now responsible for hiring the right talent from anywhere in the world and building leaders who have the skills needed to engage, develop, and retain top performers,” writes Lara Albert for SAP. “To achieve this, managers need easy-to-use tools and technologies that will provide visibility into their direct reports’ skills and competencies, insightful talent data that helps them better engage with their employees and quickly identify and fill talent gaps.”

SAP SuccessFactors

With its new SuccessFactors platform, enterprise software giant SAP believes it has created a talent management utility which answers all of the pain points experienced by modern HR teams.

SuccessFactors’ cloud-based software streamlines and augments every aspect of the HR role. The integration of employment data in a single HR information system allows for easy management of global benefits and payroll, improved employee self-service, automated HR processes, and ensured compliance.

Automated labour, time, and attendance management helps HR streamline everything from time tracking to accruals, and offers insights into labour costs, time theft, absence trends, and more.

AI powered recruitment and talent acquisition and retention functions automate the business of hiring and promoting, allowing for the removal of bias during these business-critical decisions.

“Organisations across the globe are competing for top talent on an unprecedented scale,” writes Albert. “Companies that outperform their competition know that strategic talent management is essential in building the right workforce necessary for effective business execution.”

Personalised training and development programmes allow you to deliver cognitive coaching, microlearning, skill gap analysis, re-skilling, and use learning analytics and succession planning to move with the times. Advanced data capabilities help you continually assess staff and make sure they’re satisfied and appropriately compensated.

Final Thoughts

With all these functions running alongside one another the HR role has an entire suite of software with which to effectively manage its charges and ensure the best people are doing the best job, with the best tools.

“You can solve the talent challenges you face today while ensuring you are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow by putting a comprehensive talent management suite in place,” writes Albert. “The ability to rapidly train and develop employees according to business need, create opportunities for real-time collaboration, and support the workforce with better insights and analytics to drive smart decision making and action are all benefits of a strategic talent management process that will drive true business success.”

Solving the riddle of effective talent management is set to be a hot topic at HR360 European Summit 2019, taking place in June at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront.

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