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How The Adecco Group Build Their Index for Global Talent

In the modern human resources environment it can often be difficult to judge from where to source the best talent. With the workforce now being a truly global beast, any way of identifying the best places to source the greatest talent is to be welcomed with open arms.

Thankfully, The Adecco Group is stepping up to the plate and creating a global index for talent and competitiveness.

The Adecco Group

You may be asking yourself at this point what qualifies The Adecco Group to create such an index. Well, as a leading provider of HR services, The Adecco Group was recently awarded fifth place in the World’s Best Workplaces category of the highly regarded Great Place to Work survey for 2018, proving that the company is more than happy to practice what it preaches.

The Great Place to Work survey polls more than 12 million employees from 7,000 companies and asks them what they think of their workplaces. This data is the collated to create a global ranking.

According to the 2018 Great Place to Work survey, “the Adecco Group’s employees feel they work for a company that offers a valuable service to society by providing people with work opportunities, as well as coaching and guidance throughout their career. They appreciate its inclusive management style and feel empowered in decisions which affect their jobs and work environment. Employees highlighted a positive nurturing environment that encourages personal development, and they were inspired by the company’s active community engagement aimed at fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace.”

The Adecco Group also ranked at ten in the UK’s Greatest Workplaces, and four in the Europe’s Greatest Workplaces categories.

“We’re delighted that we have ranked fifth on the 2018 Great Place to Work’s World’s Best Workplaces list,” said Country Head and President of Staffing and Solutions, for the Adecco Group UK and Ireland, Alex Fleming. “This is testament to the value we place on employees at the Adecco Group, and the work we do in country to support, engage and develop our people. People are the cornerstone of our business, and it’s essential we put them first. We continue to listen to our colleagues and work towards building a culture that fosters current and future talent.”

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Now The Adecco Group is putting its award-winning expertise to work creating a global database of talent. The index will rank countries and cities based on their ability to attract, train, and retain the very best talent in the world.

The index is built on several pillars on which talent competitiveness is built – Enable, Attract, Grow, Retain, Vocational and Technical Skills, Global Knowledge Skills, and Diversity and Inclusion.

If you compare the US and Canada you can see that the former leads the way in talent retention, due to the growth opportunities in the country, whereas Canada outshines its southerly neighbour in terms of talent acquisition, mainly owing to a greater support for immigrants and minorities. While Canada is an amazing country in which to attend university and gain academic qualifications, it has much room for improvement when it comes to technical and vocational skills.

One aspect of the index which The Adecco Group is keen to highlight is the need for ever more diversity and inclusion in the global workforce, and the benefits such inclusion can bring to the table.

While there is room for improvement regarding inclusion, there is no doubt that diversity has positively impacted North America,” writes CEO of Adecco General Staffing and Pontoon, North America, UK & Ireland, Federico Vione. “It has been proven that teams of diverse people usually outperform teams of similar people and a blend of different experiences and perspectives leads to better innovation. In fact, at Adecco USA, we are proud to have witnessed a paradigm of gender diversity. Our lack of a gender gap contributes to a more positive, productive culture.”

Final Thoughts

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index provides and elegant solution to help companies deduce which countries produce the kind of talent they desire. Not only this but it also helps those countries to establish areas in which they need to improve to boost their competitiveness in the global human resources environment.Countries which reach high in such rankings will find that the pattern becomes self-perpetuating as their reputation draws in even more investment and talent in the future. 

Gaining the edge in the global talent race is set to be a hot topic at HR360 European Summit 2019, taking place in June at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront. Please download the agenda today for more information and insights.

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